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A class is not a meeting, and we know it.

Better online experiences mean better learning outcomes.


ClassIn is a platform built for teachers and students.


1.) How to sign up as a School Administrator

2.) How to sign up as a Teacher

3.) How to sign up as a STUDENT

4.) How to manage your students with Roster

5.) Files you can store in ClassIn Cloud Drive

6.) How to authorize students

7.) How to test your system and check your device

8.) How to use ClassIn Mirror

9.) How to use Apple Mirror

10.) How to verify your ClassIn account

11.) How to use timer and stopwatch

12.) How to take screenshot in classes

13.) How to share your screen in classes

14.) How to save and open EDB files

15.) How to add and invite friends

16.) How to manage students in classes

17.) How to use annotation tools

18.) How to use Selector

19.) How to use Responder

20.) How to use Slot Machine

21.) How to use Small Blackboard

22.) How to access ClassIn cloud drive

23.) How to record and save lessons in your local drive

24.) How to use Window Layout

25.) How to use Video Gallery

26.) Before Lesson: Course Schedule, Lesson Materials and Preparation

27.) In Lesson Part 1: Mastery of Interactive Online Teaching Tools & Games

28.) In Lesson Part 2: Knowledge of Interactive Online Teaching Tools & Activities

29.) After Lesson: Lesson Playback and Homework

30.) Product Update: Diagrams, Eraser and PPT Notes


View Classin User Manual here

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